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Ana Navarro warns Biden had better get his story straight on Hunter and stop being so ‘defensive’

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CNN commentator Ana Navarro offered Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden some advice on the campaign trail.

The political analyst called out the former vice president for his poor handling of questions about the actions of his son, Hunter, and his dealings with Ukraine, during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” on Monday, warning him that the issues are “not going away.”

(Video: CNN)

Navarro addressed Biden recently walking back comments he made on complying with a congressional subpoena to testify in an impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. The Democrat had given confusing responses to questions about whether he would comply, saying “no” and appearing to reiterate that stand until he took to Twitter over the weekend to clarify his remarks.

Navarro noted that Biden should, in fact, comply with a potential subpoena as it would help to “draw a stark contrast” from Trump in showing he has nothing to hide.

“He should go make the argument nothing was illegal that was done, but I also think, politically, this is going to continue coming up for Biden,” she noted.

“There’s absolutely no shot either in the primary or much less in a general, should he make it, this will not come up and he needs to have tight, consistent answers that are logical, not defensive, not emotional,” Navarro added. “This is going to continue coming up. He needs to know how to deal with it, because it’s not going away.”

Democratic strategist Aisha Moodie-Mills, another panelist on CNN Monday, agreed.

“I think that some of the challenges that we keep calling gaffes on the campaign trail are his lack of discipline and messaging strategy,” she said. “I’m sure his communication team is constantly cringing because at the end of the day, Ana is right, he needs to stick to some talking points and be super clear about saying what he means and meaning what he says.”

She added that there have “been multiple times he has had to dial back something” and “he keeps doubling down on things he says that may not be thought out and having to retract them.”

“To an extent, you know, on Twitter, in the media, we’ve been saying Joe Biden needs to change his campaign for months now,” CNN anchor John Berman noted.

“Let me tell you something, I have a little experience with men,” Navarro quipped. “There is no changing a man after he’s done teething.”

Biden faced hecklers right at the start of a campaign event in New Hampshire on Sunday.

He was called a “pervert” by one man who shouted, “don’t touch kids!”

“This is not a Trump rally,” Biden fired back at the protester. “This is a democracy.”

Moments later, and after dealing with a woman who began shouting “quid pro Joe,” Biden called another audience member an “idiot” after he confronted him about his business dealings in Ukraine.

“I’ve released 21 years of my tax returns, your guy hasn’t released one,” Biden responded to the protester, apparently assuming he was a Trump supporter. What’s he hiding?”

Earlier this month, he berated a man at a town hall in Iowa, calling him a “damn liar” after he confronted him about his son’s job at the Ukrainian gas company.

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