hillary clinton blames bernie sanders
Sanders slams Hillary with wake-up call at Fox town hall: She wants to relive 2016, it’s 2020 now

Sen. Bernie Sanders called out his 2020 Democratic rival Joe Biden as a friend to “crooks” during a Fox News town hall where he also essentially told […]

Trish Regan: Dems using coronavirus as second impeachment ‘scam’ against President Trump

Fox Business host Trish Regan blasted Democrats and the liberal media for their attempts to “demonize and destroy” President Donald Trump over the coronavirus crisis. Regan called […]

Distraught Corey Feldman cries foul when tell-all Hollywood doc fails to launch on opening night

The release of Corey Feldman’s new documentary that was to name the Hollywood figures who allegedly raped and molested him and his childhood friend Corey Haim, who died […]

Illegal immigrant ticketed for ‘careless driving’ in crash that killed 4 nabbed by ICE at airport days later

When it comes to illegal immigration, there are two consistencies in America: the Democratic Party stands in the way of any real effort to address the matter […]

‘They followed through’: Gov Newsom shocks at presser with high marks for Trump admin’s handling of coronavirus

California Governor Gavin Newsom shocked many when he had nothing but kind words for Trump and his administration during a press conference on the White House’s handling […]

James Woods is not alone. Sununu says Hillary Clinton likely angling to be Biden’s VP.

Former governor of New Hampshire John Sununu believes there is more to Hillary Clinton’s actions than meet the eye. The former White House Chief of Staff to President […]

Italian government puts entire nation on lockdown as coronavirus death toll spikes

With the announcement Monday that the coronavirus death toll shot up from 97 to 463 in Italy, the entire country has effectively been put on lockdown — […]

Finger-wagging Joe Biden gets in Mich auto worker’s face in hot gun debate: ‘You’re full of s**t’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden may have recently surged in the 2020 race but he still can’t seem to take a direct challenge from voters. The former […]

Trump supporters push back when restaurant manager refuses service, locks doors after NC rally

A North Carolina restaurant manager is out of a job after he allegedly refused to serve Trump supporters by locking the business doors. When supporters of President […]

Potential Biden Cabinet list circulates; who’s who of past Dem losers will likely motivate Trump voters

A new “Axios on HBO” column by Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen offers a peak behind the curtain of what a Joe Biden administration might look like, […]

Trump campaign says nearly 40% of audience at a South Carolina rally were Dems, independents

Chris White, DCNF President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign suggested Monday that more than 15,000 people who attended the president’s rallies in 2020 were Democrats and independents. Roughly […]

MSNBC hosts pounded with mockery after claim that calling coronavirus the ‘Wuhan Virus’ is ‘racist’

MSNBC host Chris Hayes and others came under heavy fire for their outrage over using the phrase “Wuhan virus” to refer to the novel coronavirus. Hayes sparked […]