Tucker delivers brutal takedown of CNN’s Brian Stelter for upcoming ‘fake news’ documentary

Tucker Carlson mocked “talentless” CNN host Brian Stelter with a jab over his upcoming fake news documentary airing on HBO. The Fox News host called out Stelter after […]

GAO also said Obama broke the law, where was the press then?

The U.S. Government Accountability Office concluded on Thursday that the White House Office of Management and Budget violated the law when it withheld military aid from Ukraine. The […]

Virginia Antifa chapter raises eyebrows when it claims to want to join conservatives in gun rights march

The term “Antifa” does not often conjure images of support for the Second Amendment, but Antifa Seven Hills is reportedly joining the massive group of conservatives slated to […]

Twitter jab quickly escalates into ugly battle between two Florida Republicans

Two prominent Florida Republicans got into a Twitter spat Monday night that took a turn for the worse when allegations about sexual misconduct were leveled. Interesting, the […]

SD and Fla Republicans take a stand with new bills aimed at banning gender altering ‘health care’ for children

With the hard left maneuvering to declare sex reassignment treatment for minors  “medically necessary,” some Republicans are throwing caution to the wind when it comes to stirring […]

‘This is a disgrace!’ Mark Levin delivers stern warning to 5 ‘weak link’ Republicans on impeachment

Mark Levin issued a stern warning to the Republican “weak links” in the Senate as the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump got underway. The “Life, Liberty […]

Suspect seen in sickening surveillance of alleged repeated attacks on girlfriend walks thanks to NY bail reform

Newly released surveillance footage shows Jay Vasquez-Paulino violently and repeatedly attacking his girlfriend, landing multiple punches and kicks, according to News 12 Westchester. The dramatic video shows the […]

Trump takes LSU champs off guard when he refers to himself as ‘son of a b*tch’ in hilarious impromptu moment

If being the target of an endless pursuit of impeachment is getting the President down, you’d never know it. In classic Trump style, the President welcomed the Louisiana […]

Trump’s impeachment legal defense team adds list of heavy hitters

President Trump’s impeachment legal defense team just expanded to include some prominent and seasoned lawyers. Former independent counsel in the Whitewater investigation, Ken Starr, whose review led to the […]

21 Saudi military students reportedly booted from US after probe unveils ties to extremism, child pornography

The United States expelled 21 Saudi Arabian military students after an investigation allegedly discovered links to child pornography and radical extremism. The Federal Bureau of Investigations was […]

As Trump predicted, media snubs ‘major win’ for America on USMCA trade deal

President Donald Trump correctly predicted that his historic United States–Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade would basically be ignored by a media hungry for his impeachment. The trade deal that […]

Wilbur Ross touts Trump’s historic US trade deals: Countries adjusting to ‘new world’ as Dems obsess over impeachment

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross touted the historic U.S.-China trade deal and the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement signings on Thursday, offering up some bad news for Democrats obsessed with […]

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