Suspect seen in sickening surveillance of alleged repeated attacks on girlfriend walks thanks to NY bail reform

Newly released surveillance footage shows Jay Vasquez-Paulino violently and repeatedly attacking his girlfriend, landing multiple punches and kicks, according to News 12 Westchester.

The dramatic video shows the alleged assault, which took place at Superior Package Company where the couple works. Perhaps the most disturbing part is the number of witnesses who see the altercations taking place, but largely do nothing to try to stop it.


(Source: News 12)

According to Orange County District Attorney Dave Hoovler, the Bronx suspect was arrested and faces four misdemeanor charges, but none of them qualify for bail under New York’s new bail reform laws, which he says is a dangerous flaw in the current system.

In the first few seconds of the video, we can see the victim entering the room, while the suspect enters from a different door. He strides up to the woman and punches her four times, forcing her to put her arms around her head to defend herself. A male bystander can be seen watching the two but making no effort to stop the violence.

As Vasquez-Paulino appears to get ready to charge back at the woman, a door opens and a woman enters the room, putting distance between the suspect and the victim. Another man enters the room and appears to ask the two to separate. It is at this time that Vasquez-Paulino heads outside the door he had just entered from, carrying a bag. He is then recorded slipping what police say is a “12-inch kitchen knife” up his sleeve. He wastes no time reentering the room and assaulting the woman anew, this time by hurling a phone at her as she attempts to run away. This action is followed up with another two punches.

At this point, 3 new witnesses are present, including two men, and only one tries to confront the suspect.

The suspect is recorded leaving the area, at which time the victim follows him. Shortly after, and in front of a string of entering people, the suspect kicks the victim while she appears to be on the phone. The video ends with the suspect walking outside, and quickly hurling the knife over a fence.

“We have spent years working with domestic violence victims to get them to come forward, to protect them,” Hoovler said. “Cases like this, it sets us back a long way because this individual is going right back to what he was doing before.”

Because the knife wasn’t used, and because the victim only suffered “minor” injuries, the state was unable to file more serious charges against the suspect.

But this isn’t the first time that New York’s reform has been an issue. BizPac Review has reported a number of previous incidents, including:

  • Eugene Webb, a homeless man who was released after allegedly assaulting two women, grinning as he left the courtroom
  • Tiffany Harris, who allegedly assaulted 4 Jewish women, and in one instance did so while reportedly yelling “F U Jews!”
  • Gerold Woodberry, who was arrested after allegedly robbing 4 banks, reportedly knocked off another after being released without bail
  • Jorge Flores-Villalba, who allegedly killed a mother of three in a hit and run, was released much to the distress of the victim’s loved ones

Below is the full, unedited video of the assault. Viewer discretion is again advised:

(Source: YouTube)


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