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Tucker delivers brutal takedown of CNN’s Brian Stelter for upcoming ‘fake news’ documentary

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Tucker Carlson mocked “talentless” CNN host Brian Stelter with a jab over his upcoming fake news documentary airing on HBO.

The Fox News host called out Stelter after the CNN chief media correspondent announced his work on the documentary, which is seriously focused on “fake news” and disinformation in the President Donald Trump era. Stelter soon fired back a response on Twitter.

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Calling Stelter the “marionette” of CNN chief Jeff Zucker, Carlson remarked on the career of the “Reliable Sources” host during a segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday.

“Meritocracy is fading all over America but in the media, it’s completely dead. And nothing proves that better than the career of this man,” Carlson said.

“I can tell you as someone who has watched his career all this time — amazing he has a job, much less one on television,” he added. “Hard to find someone duller or more talentless.”

“Not only does he have a show on CNN, now he has a show on HBO! What does that tell you about the standards of the people who run our country?” Carlson quipped.

Stelter is the executive producer of the HBO special along with Andrew Rossi, according to a press release from WarnerMedia.

The documentary, titled “After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News,” will reportedly take a look at the “rising phenomenon of ‘fake news’ in the U.S. and the impact that disinformation, conspiracy theories, and false news stories have on the average citizen.”

Carlson found the premise of a CNN host reporting on the subject to be “hilarious.”

“You’d think the irony alarms would be going off everywhere!” he laughed.

Carlson took another shot at Stelter later on in his show.

“I want to live in a world where impressive people rise to the top, and unimpressive people park my car,” he said. “Brian Stelter should be parking my car, but he has an HBO show.”

Stelter responded to the remark on Twitter and in his “Reliable Sources” newsletter on Thursday.

“Actually I’m surprised he would trust me with his car. I’m just glad he is getting the word out about “After Truth” – the film will premiere on HBO in March – with case studies of both left-wing and right-wing disinformation…,” he wrote.

Twitter users did not seem so impressed with the CNN hosts’ HBO endeavor and provided more mockery online.

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