Biden camp advised to keep candidate out of media spotlight as Super Tuesday glow quickly fades

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s resurrected 2020 campaign may have his supporters celebrating, but critics warn the gaffe-prone candidate should just lay low if he wants to […]

University hosts Christopher Steele to discuss his dubious dossier

Chuck Ross, DCNF Former British spy Christopher Steele defended his anti-Trump dossier at a private event at Oxford University on Friday, in his first public remarks about […]

NYPD cites bail reform as New York City sees spike in major crimes

It may come as no surprise to many critics of New York City’s bail reform law that newly released statistics showed a surge in the number of major […]

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar inadvertently send cannonball through Liz Warren’s ‘sexism’ theory

Elizabeth Warren’s sudden and shocking campaign suspension ended her 2020 presidential bid but touched off a firestorm of “sexism” allegations. Many people believe that it was her […]

Colo GOP rep makes waves when he challenges Biden and Beto to start gun confiscation with AR-15 in his office

Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck took to Twitter Thursday, to challenge former Vice President Joe Biden and Beto O’ Rourke to swing by his office in Washington […]

Trump owns presser and leaves journos hanging after blunt and brutal take on Elizabeth Warren

President Donald Trump is known for a lot of things, but being coy is not one of them. While speaking to the press at the White House […]

Throwing in the towel? Bernie fans fret as Sanders signals the end of campaign may be looming

Sen. Bernie Sanders conceded that he would likely drop out of the Democratic presidential primary if former Vice President Joe Biden ends up with the most delegates. The […]

Hillary Clinton says she’s ‘most investigated innocent person in America.’ Not everyone’s buying it.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a woman who’s faced zero consequences despite being justifiably linked to a multitude of scandals and crimes, has claimed she’s the […]

Romney poised to hold up GOP probe into Burisma and Hunter Biden, says it ‘appears political’

Sen. Mitt Romney appears poised to vote against his Republican colleagues once again in a move that could delay an investigation of Hunter Biden and his dealings with […]

Trump-obsessed left heaps praise on Dixie Chicks comeback song mistaking it for the resistance. Wrong.

Obsession is more than a word; it’s a lifestyle. And for left-wing Americans suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, their obsessive-compulsive lifestyles revolve around the man they hate […]

New IG report finds FBI botched probes of suspects later linked to horrific U.S. terror attacks

A bombshell new report released by the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Wednesday revealed that during former President Barack Hussein Obama’s tenure in office […]

Fed Judge orders unredacted copy of Mueller report, unwilling to take AG Barr at his word

A federal judge is apparently not taking the word of US Attorney General Bill Barr on face value, issuing an order for the release of an unredacted copy of […]