White woman randomly apologizes to black man for police violence; boy did she pick the wrong man!

“You’re being played for chumps.”

GOP convention crowd erupts into some awkward antics when Preibus mentions Mitch McConnell

What was that?

Ohio’s open-carry laws cause fiery Convention issue; here’s what Team Trump says

“Oddly, toy water guns and even tennis balls have already been banned inside the convention center . . .”

Left-wing radio host is furious that officers get the honor of being called ‘fallen’

“That’s just stupid. That’s not good. That’s wrong,” she bellowed according to Newsbusters.

‘I never thought I’d vote Republican!’ Famous liberal’s sister reveals she’s all in for Trump

“I listened to everything he had to say. I understood it. I got it,”

CNN screen shot
CNN fears Trump supporters coming to GOP convention ‘with their weapons’ – no fear about cop assassins?

In the same breath, Smerconish made an astonishing call for folks to temper their rhetoric in such volatile times.

More than 100 women strip naked to welcome Donald Trump to Cleveland

Because, as crazy as it has been, the “crazy” has only just begun!

dallas wlm
‘White Lives Matter’ protesters fly Confederate flags, make some people VERY unhappy – see clashes

And they keep on threatening us … they’ve thrown rocks at us and they’ve spit at us.”

Mexican migrants buy tons of empty homes in Mexico with US cash, only to never live in them

Mexican officials have gone to great lengths to discourage Trump from sticking to his remittance penalization plan.

Head of powerful police union: Barack Obama ‘has blood on his hands’ that can’t be ‘washed off!’

Wow, was he mad! He knew just who to blame, and he was adamant that “this has got to end.”

Daytona Beach police car firebombed; BLM leaves disgusting hate note for cops that says it all

I’m afraid this is only the beginning.

You wont see this at Dems’ Convention! People moved to tears by what happened outside GOP convention

The 2016 Republican National Convention kicks off Monday in Cleveland and some attendees already in town made a special effort to show their support for law enforcement […]