‘Act like a grownup’: Drunk driver sobs when she loses plea deal by coming 4 hours late to court

It didn’t help that the accident she caused left a popular principal as an amputee.

‘I would’ve fired her the day I met her’: Glenn Beck reveals more about Tomi Lahren mess

“I would’ve fired [Lahren] the day I met her in the hallway,” he said.

Canadian thug beats 74-year-old cyclist bloody with a club in road rage fit – and they say US is more violent?

Aren’t Canadians supposed to be nicer and peace-loving than Americans? Accordingto liberals like Michael Moore, you bet. But road rage statistics say otherwise and this video […]

Eric Holder tries to lecture Trump on the Constitution, but reality checks come back ‘Fast & Furious’

This guy’s got some serious nerve.

Obstructionist Chuck Schumer’s favorability tanks among New Yorkers in wake of presidential election

This should give him something to cry about.

Scary report on DNC coffers proves why Dems should NEVER go near a budget. RNC on the other hand…

More bad news for Dems for the 2018 midterms.

‘This guy’s a fraud!’ O.J.’s lawyer GOES OFF when asked about Simpson’s dirt-dishing ‘prison BFF’

“I mean, you see that mullet and how his hair is dyed right?”

CIA director blasts NY Times columnist eyeball-to-eyeball for outing undercover officer

CIA Director Mike Pompeo earned a thunderous round of applause Thursday night …

Magical moment Disney’s Mickey presents foster care siblings with the surprise of a lifetime

“Lots to celebrate!”

MSNBC analyst tags Trump’s voter integrity effort as covert operation to sabotage 2020 election

Here we go.

Here’s how a stubborn Virginia restaurant worker gets fired: ‘I ain’t serving no police’

“This is such an eye opener for me …”

Fla. mayoral candidate stands by wild racially-charged rant over ‘Obama’s reparations’

“I intend to keep running and running and running.”

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