Daytona Beach police car firebombed; BLM leaves disgusting hate note for cops that says it all

Violence directed at law enforcement moved to the Sunshine State Sunday when a Daytona Beach police cruiser was torched with a Molotov cocktail.

The arsonist left a note saying “#BlackLivesMatter, A Sterling, P Castile, F**k the police.”

WKMG-TV’s Troy Campbell reported:

According to WESH:

The car was outside a mosque for the duration of Ramadan when the incendiary device was thrown at it.

A note referencing the police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota, and the Black Lives Matter movement was found nearby.


A witness who lived in the area and didn’t want to be identified told the Daytona Beach News Journal that the car was destroyed by the time the fire fighters arrived.

“We were in bed and I heard a ‘boom’ noise. It sounded like a window being broken and I thought it could be someone trying to break into my boyfriend’s car. So I looked out the window and didn’t see anyone near his car then I looked left and saw the police car was on fire,” the person wrote the paper in an email.

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“The police car has been parked there since the Orlando shootings. They move it every now and then but it’s always empty. My boyfriend called 911 and it took so long before they got there that by the time they did the entire car was covered in fire. It took a bit to get the fire out.”

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