Dem Congressman won’t remove painting in the Capitol depicting cops as animals – we say CALL HIM

“Call your congressman and say, get that picture down. Cops do not need to be depicted in this way.”

‘Outnumbered’: Would ‘petulant child’ Obama have sanctioned Russia if Hillary had won the election?

The lack of action by the administration points to the “arrogance” of the Democratic Party.

DL Hughley follows ‘racial joke’ about Debbie Reynolds with retaliation slam against Bristol Palin

“I that even a washed up comedian like u has a voice. “

People celebrate ‘weak white b**ch’ Rousey getting knocked out because . . . privilege . . . and Trump

Following Ronda Rousey’s brutal 48-second defeat to relative unknown Amanda Nunes via knockout social media rushed to politicize it. Some lamented Rousey’s “white privilege” as the much […]

Utah says it’ll work with Trump to overturn Obama’s monument designations

Obama is making a lot of work for Trump. Poor guy.

‘2016: The Movie’ is a parody presented as horror trailer and it was surprisingly believable

No, they don’t just bash Trump. It’s quite clever.

50-year loyal Dem Alan Dershowitz threatens to resign his Democratic Party membership

We’ve been trying to tell you . . .

James Woods tweets truth on Pres Obama’s ‘legacy’ – you can send congrats cards to Jimmy Carter, now

Actor James Woods, whose triumphant return to recently made heads, has an idea:

Just when you thought he would go away . . . Obama makes a vow in final 2016 Saturday address

“Can we buy him out like buying out a contract?”

Zero tolerance: Italy to take ‘drastic action’ to rid migrants, as US mayors beg Obama to help ours stay

The letter was signed by all Democrat mayors.

FLASHBACK: Obama ridicules Trump for saying election could be unduly influenced

Remember when he snickered and said this . . .?

They will be less obvious . . . here are the top national security threats to watch in 2017

. . . the threats the country will face in 2017 are far less obvious.

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