DL Hughley follows ‘racial joke’ about Debbie Reynolds with retaliation slam against Bristol Palin

Given the results of comedian D.L. Hughley‘s forays into politics, perhaps he should stick to telling jokes.

Exposing the raging liberal within, Hughley took to Twitter to slam Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, who called out the “sissies” who won’t perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

…his point of contention with Bristol, the mother of three, seemingly being that she decided not to abort her children.

The Palin tweet followed an insensitive racial joke Hughley tweeted Thursday about legendary actress Debbie Reynolds, who died just one day after the tragic death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher.

Perhaps the comedian may want to rethink this whole social media thing…

Here’s a sampling of the responses from social media users who recall a time when entertainers cared enough NOT to insult millions of potential fans:

Tom Tillison


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