Britney Spears shows off her rockin’ new bod, but had to spoil it with a liberal message about ‘Dreamers’

And one fan had a scary idea.

Border patrol forget they’re supposed to be heartless, deliver beautiful baby at the border

ICE deserves respect and support from all Americans.

After scoring tax cut victory, Trump sees ‘tremendous Democrat support’ for his next big initiative

President Trump and Republicans need Democrat support because they won’t be able to use the same reconciliation process they used for tax reform.

Jodie Foster wants to hold every man over 30 responsible for sexual abuse victims

“I’m loing forward to a new millennial woman that knows that she can say no,” she said.

Fmr. Hillary adviser: News that Obama gave Hezbollah free pass on drug running ‘much ado about nothing’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson to on a former adviser to Hillary Clinton over the Obama administration’s Iran deal, and it was brutal. On Friday’s “Tucker Carlson […]

As Americans stuff their stockings with Nestle candies, company announces it’s getting out of chocolate business

Chocolate is scrumptious when it crunches but it is not as profitable as it used to be. That is why the company that was involved in inventing […]

Student barely escapes prison for false rape charge; accusers 40,000 texts change everything

“I can’t explain the mental torture of the past two years,”

Chef Mario Batali’s apology for sex assault included a recipe for cinnamon rolls, Walmart wasn’t impressed

“We have taken our concerns to Mr. Batali, and he has responded.

Sen. elect Doug Jones rebuffs Dems: Voters settled Trump sex allegations, I don’t think he ought to resign

” … he was elected President of the United States and I think the American people spe on that,”

Senate adds language to tax bill to allow illegal aliens to claim child tax credit

This opens the floodgates to illegal aliens claiming the credit.

Donald Trump somehow beat out the left-wing Pope to become ‘religion newsmaker of the year’

In addition to a booming economy, low unemployment and having the Islamic State on the run, President Donald Trump has added another accomplishment to his list of […]

SNL invites Scarlett Johansson on to play ‘Ivanka Trump’ in sketch throwing shade on Omarosa departure

Actress Scarlett Johansson stopped by “Saturday Night Live” this weekend to help the cast take one shot at President Donald Trump in 2017. In the last […]

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