CNN stunned: “Trump’s going to fire Mueller and there’s nothing the Democrats can do”

CNN came to a grinding halt on Saturday when a guest made a stunning prediction: Robert Mueller will be fired soon and Democrats won’t be able to […]

France records 267,000 cases of sexual abuse on public transport in just two years

Jacob Bojesson, DCNF At least 267,000 people were sexually abused while riding public transportation in France over a two-year period of time, according to a “low estimate” […]

Forget ‘secret Santa,’ Nude model walks the streets wearing bodypainted Christmas outfit

If there’s anything social media has taught us, it’s that people will do anything for attention. Model Lili Jasmijn gave New Yorkers a titillating holiday treat by parading […]

Melania Trump reveals her beauty secrets, diet and workout tips

Melania Trump is arguably the most glamorous first lady in U.S. history, so it may come as no surprise that the former model stays fit with a […]

Fmr. Hillary adviser: News that Obama gave Hezbollah free pass on drug running ‘much ado about nothing’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson took on a former adviser to Hillary Clinton over the Obama administration’s Iran deal, and it was brutal. On Friday’s “Tucker Carlson […]

Shapiro reports Rosie O’Donnell for vulgar attacks: ‘put your money where your mouth is Twitter’

After being called out by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro for a Twitter rant in which she quite literally offered bribes to politicians and used GOP Senator Susan Collins’ family […]

As Americans stuff their stockings with Nestle candies, company announces it’s getting out of chocolate business

Chocolate is scrumptious when it crunches but it is not as profitable as it used to be. That is why the company that was involved in inventing […]

Obama fast tracked elephant trophy ban without following rules

Chris White, DCNF Former President Barack Obama did not follow proper rule-making procedures when he banned the transport of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe to the U.S., a federal […]

Joy Reid’s bizarre claim: Obama’s ‘stimulus’ was a bigger tax cut than Trump’s

Joy Reid’s unabashed hate for all things Trump is causing more than a few misfires in logic, but to claim that former President Obama’s stimulus package was […]

Meghan Markle fanatics go bonkers as royalty spotted wearing ‘racist’ brooch

Fans of Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife-to-be, had their knickers in a twist over a “racist” brooch worn by Princess Michael of Kent. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle […]

Tucker Carlson continues to relentlessly mock ‘racist’ trees in California

On Friday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson brought conservative commentator Larry Elder on to discuss a Palm Springs, California golf course’s decision to remove a row of […]

Fact Check: Will the Trump family save $1 billion under the GOP tax plan?

Kush Desai, DCNF Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan claimed Wednesday that the Trump family will save $1 billion due to tax reform. Verdict: False The Trump family will not receive […]

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