WATCH: Cookie-thieving squirrel starts New Year’s party early, charges police officers


Trump really is draining the swamp!

Agencies the administration has chosen not to shrink do make some sense.

People freak out after Oregon makes it legal for citizens to pump their own gas

Oregonians are not pleased about the change.

Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration coldest in years. So cold, the city issues warning …


Trump dumps Obama’s entire HIV/AIDS council. Meltdown gets cut short by truth bomb.

President Trump terminated the rest of the remaining members of the federal advisory council on HIV/Aids last Thursday. The 16 members each received a letter via FedEx […]

Trump cautions voters, electing Dems in 2018 will ‘totally kill the great wealth created’ this year

“Why would smart voters want to put Democrats in Congress in 2018 …?”

Trump predicts media will help him win 2nd term: ‘Without me, their ratings are going down the tubes’

“So they basically have to let me win.”

Here’s the hot list of Conservative leaders who impacted American culture in 2017

“Moral courage means putting your reputation on the . “

Is it too late for the New York Times?

They’d better wake up and realize they appeal to less than half of America …

Warriors coach Steve Kerr comes out as anti-Trump snowflake: America is ‘under attack’ by Trump

NBA should go the route of NFL. Bankruptcy.

It only took Larry Elder one word and a throwback photo to punk troll who said he ‘wanted to be white’

As a conservative black man, Larry Elder gets than his fair of trolls. But a recent clueless post by one troll declaring that “you want […]

Howard Dean crushes the New York Times with a single tweet… and liberals still can’t believe it


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