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Warriors coach Steve Kerr comes out as anti-Trump snowflake: America is ‘under attack’ by Trump

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The self-righteous attacks on President Donald Trump by celebrities and sports stars continues, despite the obvious lack of clout their opinions carry.

The latest snowflake to denounce the president is outspoken Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr who believes America’s “core values” are under attack in today’s society.

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He told USA Today on Friday that Americans have to fight false information and “propaganda” and cited a recent op-ed by former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who was  fired by Trump earlier this year for refusing to defend the president’s travel ban.

“There’s absolutely an assault on our institutions and on our core values as a country,” Kerr said. “[Yates] tweeted the preamble to the Constitution, which really sums up our country. And all those things are kind of under attack right now.”

“One of the things she writes is how important it is to speak the truth, and for people to not be deceived, coerced,” Kerr said. “So it’s important for all of us to call bullsh**, and there’s a lot of bullsh** right now, and propaganda, and misinformation. You can’t let that happen. The truth has to always win out, and our institutions and ideals have to win out, so it’s important that we speak out.”

The 52-year-old former player can’t seem to stick to his sport and out of politics though, vocally criticizing the Trump administration on past occasions. His team, the Golden State Warriors, made their own political statement by refusing to make the customary visit to the White House for the 2017 NBA championship celebration.

Trump famously disinvited the team from attending the White House celebration after star player Stephen Curry told reporters that he didn’t want to go.

“The only way that (kind of state control) happens is if people are coerced, and people believe in the divisiveness that’s happening,” Kerr told USA Today.  “I don’t know if we should give Trump credit, or if it’s his nature to divide. But there has to be this divisiveness in order for this idea to take hold, where you can accomplish all these things.”

He added that “a big section of the population” believes Trump is “the patriotic one, he’s trying to uphold America’s ideals because the ideals have been blurred, right? And I think it’s not all Trump, right?”

“It’s the last 20 years of 9/11 and terrorism. So you’ve got policy stuff like immigration that comes into play, and a lot of sort of patriotism, or misguided patriotism, that factors into all this stuff,” Kerr said.  “So it’s tricky. But the only way any of this stuff works is if the people are behind it, and a lot of people are behind Trump, which is kind of scary.”

Actually, what is scary is that Kerr and his team of highly paid sports stars see themselves as a voice of moral authority. Twitter users reminded the coach to stick to playing ball.

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