Steve Schmidt goes on a tear against Fox News: Like ‘propaganda in authoritarian countries’

Republican strategist, Steve Schmidt, teed off on Sean Hannity and Fox News on Friday, likening them to state media. Schmidt, who ran the day-to-day operations of Arizona […]

Louisiana man gets murderous revenge on girlfriend’s molester and does ‘not regret’ it after court sentence

A Louisiana man who was found guilty of murdering the man who molested his girlfriend when she was a child is not sorry. Jace Crehan was found […]

After Trump military surge decimates ISIS, it lashes out with a desperate Christmas-themed threat

The Islamic State has issued chilling propaganda hinting at a Christmas attack at Washington’s National Cathedral and in New York. A poster of the burning cathedral, with […]

Chicken wing company is clucking mad the NFL’s stupid national anthem protests are hurting business

The NFL kneeling protests have had far reaching effects beyond the game of football. It was a month ago that Papa John’s blamed sluggish pizza sales on […]

Denver Broncos beat Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night Football and Americans didn’t care in the slightest

The NFL has had an abysmal season in ratings and it has now hit rock bottom. This week’s showing of “Thursday Night Football” drew a season low, […]

MSNBC host Joy Reid mocks Christian beliefs on Jerusalem, ‘sounds like something out of a novel’

Schaeffer went on to call the belief an “adolescent fantasy” and “lunacy.”

WaPo beclowns itself by running story on Hillary Clinton as a ‘romance novel heroine’

LOL “My heart raced as I unbuttoned her pantsuit and slowly ran my fingers up and down her pocket catheter…”

Florida man left bacon in a mosque and got more years in prison than most criminals get for rape

The sentence was reached after prosecutors spoke to the police and CAIR.

Chelsea Handler stoops to new low with attack on Sarah Sanders for her ‘makeup routine’

Now it’s okay to call accomplished women fat, old, and slutty because of their makeup?

Downward spiral for news media: Boston Herald latest to declare bankruptcy

A colossus of the old media world has called it quits. The Boston Herald has filed for bankruptcy and is being sold to Gateway Media, CBS Boston […]

Don Jr. burns Gloria Allred over Moore accuser yearbook fiasco: ‘So helpful to the other side’

President Donald Trump’s eldest son tore a strip off of feminist attorney Gloria Allred after her client admitted to adding notes to what she claimed was Roy […]

After Trump slurs ‘United States’ in Jerusalem speech, White House reveals he will undergo physical exam

President Donald Trump will undergo a physical exam next year and he will make the results public as presidents have done in the past. The president will […]