MSNBC host Joy Reid mocks Christian beliefs on Jerusalem, ‘sounds like something out of a novel’

Schaeffer went on to call the belief an “adolescent fantasy” and “lunacy.”

Bakery boycotted by snowflake college kids fires back, sues school for slander

“I have not taken a paycheck since this happened more than a year ago,”

After internet falls in love with bullied boy, CNN hijacks his story … to slam POTUS

Sure, that will work out well for them.

SG Trump accusers
Surprised? Look where Trump’s female accusers showed up this morning

And right on cue, three women were interviewed on live television Monday …

POTUS brings down fire on NYT for saying he watches too much TV, then he disses the ‘dumbest man on television!’

Many observers sided with his verbal assault on the mainstream media.

Rep Steve King dares to say ‘diversity is not our strength’ and what happens next is entertaining

If Steve King weren’t over the target, he wouldn’t be getting nearly so much flak.

NY City removes ‘kissletoe’ from Grand Central Station due to outcry. Any bigger things to worry about?

Gabrielle Okun, DCNF New York City removed its mistletoe nicknamed “kissletoe” from Grand Central Station due to the outcry from women Friday. An organization named the” Grand Central […]

‘Half’ Christmas trees are leaving shoppers with their mouths hanging open – ridiculous or genius?

Artificial Christmas tree makers are causing a sensation with a surprising new design that offers half the tree – for sometimes double the price. A post shared […]

Sexual scandal rocks cooking world after beloved celebrity chef admits to devastating groping charges

How quickly a public career can come to an end amid sexual allegations in a post-Harvey Weinstein world.

Suspects captured after teacher found in pool of blood with her 8-year old in next room

Two murder suspects were swiftly apprehended thanks to a Hawaiian community’s social media sleuthing. Telma Boinville was found murdered in a vacation rental on Oahu’s North Shore […]

Watch CNN host try to explain network’s colossal botched story on a show called ‘Reliable Sources’

The rule of thumb for liberals in the media: When caught misreporting, don’t own up to it. Double down. CNN came under heavy fire over the weekend […]

Military wives furious over captain’s proposal to send sex workers to front lines for stress relief

Someone didn’t really think that one through!