West Point accepts Parkland student’s application to military academy after his tragic death

Wang, along with Parkland victims Alaina Petty and Margin Duque, also will posthumously receive the US Army’s Medal of Heroism.

Nancy Pelosi is in middle of grandstanding at Arizona townhall when question yelled from audience grinds it to a halt

Interestingly, a account run by Ex-Dem Latina claimed to be the heckler:

Columbine survivor blows media’s plan to exploit naive students – here’s what happens when they grow up

The wake of last week’s tragic shooting at Parkland, Florida’sMarjory Stoneman Douglas High School found many survivors speaking out about gun violence in America and how they […]

sarah huckabee sanders slams cnn jim acosta over off camera press briefings trump prayer circle
Sarah Sanders serves Nancy Pelosi some gratifying late night crow after ‘dramatic’ poll results release

The White House press secretary is becoming quite the provocateur.

Trump wasn’t about to take ‘insecure’ Oprah Winfrey’s ‘biased’ attack on him quietly – Yep, he unloaded

Will she be “exposed and defeated just like the others?”

Joy Reid pulls out giant fake race card to pick a fight with Laura Ingraham

The message, of course, is don’t criticize a liberal black person, or you’re a “white nationalist!”

Women’s March organizing national school walk-out

Women’s March has an idea about how to keep schools safe, and it predictably has absolutely nothing to do with enacting realistic policies that would actually work, […]

CNN actually hired a conservative contributor, but told her to ‘give Hillary her moment’ at Dem. convention

CNN in the bag for Hillary Clinton in 2016? Say it ain’t so! During an interview for this month’s edition of “The Limbaugh Letter,” former CNN contributor […]

Hollywood director Joss Whedon calls ICE agents ‘Trump’s SS,’ ‘shame of our nation’

When logic and common sense fail, liberals to play the trusty “Nazi” card. In a Thursday afternoon tweet, Hollywood director Joss Whedon called Immigration and Customs […]

Jimmy Kimmel says Trump is ‘mentally ill’ too, slams the outrage of ‘allegedly Christian’ Republicans

peacocks showing their bright feathers, liberals moral preening. I know, you’d think that wouldn’t be the case what with so few, well, actual morals, but […]

After widespread debunking of Parkland shooter being ‘white nationalist,’ the Associated Press comes clean

The establishment media s their narratives, and they don’t give up on them easily. So when Jordan Jereb, self-proclaimed leader of the white nationalist paramilitary group Republic […]

Brian Stelter goes on blazing rant against Ted Cruz for not coming on show, after Cruz did 15-minute interview CNN didn’t air

CNN should have know that Ted Cruz has never been afraid of defending his views, anytime, anywhere. And yet, the “Fake News Network” was left with egg […]

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