We now have gotten word of ‘final straw’ for Hope Hicks right before announcing she’s leaving White House

While it has been known for weeks that Trump confidante Hope Hicks was seeking to leave her position as White House communications director, her public announcement on […]

Walmart becomes latest corporate giant to surrender on gun control

Walmart is joining a swelling group of companies that have thrown in stock with gun control advocates. The retail giant has announced its decision to raise its […]

NFL declares its newest sponsor after getting dropped by Papa John’s and it’s their rival Pizza Hut

After parting ways with Papa John’s, the NFL wasted no time in setting sights on another national pizza chain to partner with. Pizza Hut was announced as […]

Breaking: Hope Hicks says that she is resigning as White House Communications director

Hope Hicks says that she will resign as White House communications director, per multiple news sources, including the New York Times. As reported: Hope Hicks, the White […]

Sorry millennials, experts say avocado toast won’t stop you from becoming the fattest generation

From the Greatest generation to the fattest? Sad.

Russians reportedly trolling Americans into hating GMO foods

“Among U.S. news organizations, the left-leaning Huffington Post produced the most ‘anti’ articles, followed by CNN.”

Shocker: Companies pulling NRA support totally backfires


Paul Manafort pleads not guilty to new charges; trial date set

Move this one along.

University offers course on removing Donald Trump from office

“Focus will be on the two constitutional grounds: impeachment and removal …

After reports of Georgia teacher’s school shooting attempt, many rush to condemn idea of arming teachers

Only days after President Trump announced that his administration was “seriously considering” the prospect of authorizing teachers to be armed in classrooms around the country, a news […]

Kentucky school district moves forward with plan to arm teachers

President Trump has been a vocal proponent of letting school staff conceal carry.

Answer to pressure to drop NRA TV might make you want ROKU: We don’t ‘censor based on viewpoint’

Roku said they had found no evidence that NRA TV had violated any of the guidelines.

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