After reports of Georgia teacher’s school shooting attempt, many rush to condemn idea of arming teachers

Only days after President Trump announced that his administration was “seriously considering” the prospect of authorizing teachers to be armed in classrooms around the country, a news report of a shooting attempt at Dalton high school that was allegedly carried out by a Georgia teacher has provided critics with plenty of ammunition.

As reported earlier, the Dalton Police department announced the apparent shooting attempt:

A reported leaked video from inside the school location-stamped Dalton, Georgia proclaims that the students are okay:

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The details are scarce following the news report of the Georgia teacher allegedly discharging a firearm in a classroom. The social media reaction is intense, however:

The president’s announcement that the White House was reviewing the idea of arming teachers immediately came under heavy fire from gun control proponents. Less than a week later, critics are seizing on a breaking news report to argue that the idea to protect schoolchildren with armed educators isn’t worth considering.

A survey from Politico showed that 50 percent of registered voters support the idea of teachers being authorized to be armed in the classroom.

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It will be interesting to see if the media’s spin of the Dalton high school shooting report will lead to any shift in that voter assessment.

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