Denver sheriff defies ICE detainment request for illegal immigrant arrested in fatal hit-and-run

An illegal alien arrested for a fatal hit-and-run accident in Colorado is under the protection of the Denver sheriff after ICE authorities issued a detainment request for […]

Another porn star named in Stormy Daniels NDA and she accuses Trump of inappropriate ‘sexual touching’

Another porn star has been thrust into the national limelight after it comes to the media’s attention she’s named in the Stormy Daniels NDA: Jessica Drake. Neither […]

Pardoned Navy sailor speaks out: Obama used me as scapegoat to take heat off Hillary Clinton

The Navy sailor pardoned for taking photographs aboard a nuclear submarine is speaking out about the circumstances surrounding his criminal prosecution, which was initiated under the Obama […]

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino responds to new Parkland audio: ‘I’ve never heard of anything like this’

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino was invited on Fox News to break down disturbing new Parkland shooting audio, which reveals that a deputy who did not […]

Tucker is flabbergasted when raging feminist guest hits him with claim: ‘Women cannot be sexist’

Tucker Carlson tried his utmost to follow the twisted logic of modern feminism on Friday’s show, but was still left wanting. Self-described feminist Cathy Areu gave Tucker […]

As Democrats take heat for ties with racist Farrakhan, Joy Behar defends him: ‘We all have baggage’

‘The View’ got lively Friday when the topic of conversation turned to Louis Farrakhan and recent reportage, led by Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson, that exposed Democrats for […]

Valerie Jarrett gets destroyed by Meghan McCain after she makes excuses for Farrakhan meeting Women’s March organizer

Valerie Jarrettappeared on The View on Friday and gave a surprising defense of a Women’s March organizer over her ties noted anti-semite and racist Louis Farrakhan. The […]

Right on cue, Susan Rice appears in the US media to bash Trump’s ‘historic’ North Korea meeting

Susan Rice is determined to be in the news, and her appearance on MSNBC to bash President Trump’s announced meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un […]

GOP Chairman: There is a ‘good chance’ that we ‘nullify’ Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs

The Trump administration’s economic plan to implement a 25 percent steel tariff and a 10 percent aluminum tariff, and with potential exemptions for bilateral trade partners, is […]

Report: Susan Rice gave ‘stand down’ order to US intel while Russians were attempting to meddle in election

It was in the heat of the 2016 presidential campaign that Susan Rice proved to be a pivotal figure preventing the United States from countering Russian attempts […]

Keith Ellison gets WaPo’s ‘4 Pinocchios’ for Louis Farrakhan lie

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison has won an award, albeit of a dubious type: The Washington Post’s infamous “four Pinocchios.” As Kessler notes in his fact check,Ellison is […]

Erin Burnett believes Trump would go down in history as ‘great president’ if he solves North Korean crisis

CNN host Erin Burnett is a reliable critic of the Trump administration, but she believes that the president has a chance to make history if he can […]

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