As Democrats take heat for ties with racist Farrakhan, Joy Behar defends him: ‘We all have baggage’

‘The View’ got lively Friday when the topic of conversation turned to Louis Farrakhan and recent reportage, led by Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson, that exposed Democrats for continuing ties with the racist Nation of Islam leader.

In question was the national co-chair of the Women’s March Tamika Mallory and her embrace of the radical leader Farrakhan.

After co-host Meghan McCain took former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to task for equating Farrakhan, who has called Hitler a “great man,” to the Koch brothers, she proceeded to tangle with fellow host Joy Behar for her comments dismissing the importance of the Farrakhan findings.

“I think it’s dangerous to say Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch are in any way the same as Louis Farrakhan,” McCain said in response to Valerie Jarrett.

“You were saying meeting at the table,” McCain continued. “We meet at this table and we have different perspectives. There’s a difference between meeting with someone who was a hate leader — like I wouldn’t meet with David Duke. There are people I would not meet with, period. He is in the same vein as David Duke. If you are so hateful and you think Hitler was a great man, I don’t think you deserve a platform.”

“I absolutely agree with you but I think you were about to make a — are we setting a standard to where almost nobody,” Jarrett replied.

“Everybody has baggage, unless you’re in utero, you have baggage,” Behar said, drawing applause from The View audience.

” The other question that I struggle with is do you need a leader of the movement,” Sunny Hostin said.

” I have such frustration over people that were invited to CPAC,” McCain said. “Again, I totally disagreed and disavowed and said, we have baggage. It’s not the same thing.”

“We don’t like her either. We don’t like Farrakhan and we don’t like her,” she said.

“I’m not disagreeing with her,” Behar said.

“You were saying in utero,” McCain said.

“Everyone has baggage,” Behar repeated.

“But my baggage isn’t I think Hitler is a great man,” McCain said.

“There are limits to the baggage,” Behar admitted.

Obviously, as Joy Behar certainly feels about President Trump.

At stake here is the slippery language often used in the media to excuse Democrats for their embrace of radical political leaders while pillorying conservatives for even the appearance of guilt-by-association. False equivocation, double standards… just another day at The View.

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Kyle Becker


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