On Easter Sunday, here’s why Christians are giving thanks that Obama’s out of the White House

Let’s pray America doesn’t make that mistake again.

Parents outraged when they learn teacher had students write gun control letters to Congress

“I loed at it, and I told my son, ‘No, you’re not doing that assignment,’” Lee said.

School’s idea of using Memorial Day to make up for a snow day is not cool with Veterans

“It’s for the memories of those folks.”

High School proudly adopts ‘Africentric Math’ to draw in black students

It’s Eurocentric math through a Afrocentric lens.

‘Get those white guys’: Bill O’Reilly says war on white men is a big new problem in America

That’s what it’s all about and they’re making strides like crazy.”

Airline wants drunken passenger to pay $17,000 for gas bill after plane forced to make emergency landing

The $17,450 in damages represents the airplane fuel, landing fees, overtime salaries for Sunwing employees and hotel costs for 170 stranded passengers, according to court documents.

Mom teaches entitled teen valuable lesson in humility by making him shop at Goodwill

“I SOLELY did this to help my son become a better man,” she wrote.

9 pro-gun quotes guaranteed to trigger David Hogg

Nothing makes liberal snowflakes melt like the Second Amendment.

Dear gun-ban teens: Since they cause so many deaths, shouldn’t we have a minimum cell phone age?

Why stop at guns?

Gamma male syndrome: Why even liberal women aren’t attracted to liberal men

At least it means liberals won’t be outbreeding us.

John Goodman’s 100-pound weight loss wows ‘Roseanne’ fans: His diet and workout tips

And good news for John Goodman and Roseanne Barr …

Government bureaucrats are blaming Trump for their booze issues

“My own personal coping mechanism is a lot of denial.”

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