Comey continues to slap America in the face; mocks Trump, brags about book that will line his pockets

Over the course of the last year, James Comey has revealed himself to be little more than an opportunist now trying to make money with a self-serving […]

‘Suspicious timing’: Why did the FBI let a suspected hacker of Congress leave the country?

The FBI told numerous people it had hundreds of pages of Suspicious Activity Reports …

Taxpayers to provide House members with bulletproof vests and much more security

The House Administration Committee does not need approval of the entire body of Congress in order for its resolutions to be put in place.

What’s up with HUD spending $31,000 for a dining set for Ben Carson?

“In general, the secretary does want to be as fiscally prudent as possible with the taxpayers’ money,” he said.

NYC forced to pay $180,000 to 3 Muslim women who were asked to remove hijabs for mugshots

In her lawsuit, the Muslim girl claimed she felt “exposed, violated and distraught”

After 7-year partnership, Papa John’s officially breaks up with the NFL

‘… we can invest our dollars more appropriately’

Texas sheriff’s public memo to deputies goes viral: ‘We do not stage and wait for SWAT, we do not take cover …’

The Denton County Sheriff in Texas issued a public memo …

High school students protest gun violence by beating up cops and smashing windows at anti-gun rally

This incident is the latest example of the violence and anti-police sentiment the mainstream media have been stoking …

Supreme Court answers question of bail for illegals

“The bail questions before us are technical but at heart they are simple,”

Teacher union pensions invest in firearm and ammunition manufacturers

Richard Pollock, DCNF Pension investments show teachers are willing to invest in the nation’s biggest gun and ammunition manufacturers The issue of gun violence has focused teachers […]

POTUS reportedly favors Singapore’s punishment for drug traffickers. Let’s just say ‘they don’t have a drug problem’

He’d be very strict.

Barbara Streisand links Florida shooting to Trump because he ‘brings out the violence in people’

Oh, and she still ‘believes’ that Hillary won. Really.