Teacher arrested after shooting gun in classroom

AMBER RANDALL, DCNF Georgia police officers took a Dalton County teacher into custody Wednesday afternoon after the teacher reportedly opened fire in a classroom. Dalton County police […]

More Americans blame school shooting on government failure than guns: Survey

Here’s how it breaks down …

Dick’s Sporting Goods’ decision to halt sales of AR-15s is not as big a deal as it sounds

“As we sat and talked about it with our management team, it was — to a person — that this is what we need to do,” he said Wednesday.

Trump honors late Rev. Billy Graham with same ‘beautiful message’ he shared ‘everywhere he went’: God loves You

Reverend Billy Graham will be missed.

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO genuflects before Chris Cuomo at gun control alter with massive capitulation

Nick Givas, DCNF CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods Edward Stack defended his company’s decision to stop selling assault style rifles on CNN’s “New Day” Wednesday and said […]

Broward County sheriff reports it arrested 16-year-old who made death threat to students, gets scathing response

Broward County sheriff’s office may have done the right thing on Tuesday by arresting a 16-year-old student who allegedly threatened to kill students. However, if reaction to […]

Cannabis candidate smokes pot in new campaign ad. Here’s why bold ex-national security officer could win

“If you win, will you get high?” Kilmeade asked the candidate on Wednesday.

Heritage Foundation scores POTUS: 64% of Trump’s agenda already done, faster than Reagan

The Republican president’s tumultuous first year featured a surprising number of achievements, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

‘DISGRACEFUL!’ Trump publicly shames Sessions over who he chose to head FISA abuse investigation

You can see why he’s mad!

Scariest thing you’ll read today … Nancy Pelosi ‘most right-wing’ candidate running in San Fran district

Is it true?

Breaking: Nikolas Cruz tried making ‘sniper’s nest,’ police find swastikas on rifle magazines

As a grieving public and police investigators continue to seek out answers on the motives of the perpetrator who carried out the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida […]

Laura Ingraham takes on Jorge Ramos on immigration and it’s not even close

Jorge Ramos just learned why stepping into the ring with Laura Ingraham isn’t for the faint of heart. The “Ingraham Angle” host debated the Univision anchor on […]