College faculty demands removal of Confederate monument, or they’ll tear it down it themselves

“We do not fear arrest.”

Rancher Ryan Bundy says he represented himself because his court attorney was a cocky liberal atheist

“I had a court appointed attorney who was full of himself.”

University shrugs its shoulders after white conservative student is called ‘mayonnaise monster lookin’ a**’

It’s not exactly the reaction they had with other student complaints.

Fact check: Sheriff Israel claims his department ‘only’ received 23 calls about Nikolas Cruz

Israel stood by his actions leading up to the shooting.

Fla. Senate shoots down ‘assault weapons’ ban, green-lights bill that would let teachers carry guns

In Tallahassee, Florida lawmakers grapple with addressing mass shootings in the state’s schools. On Monday, a state Senate committee voted down gun control amendments to a sweeping […]

Reporter tries to play ‘gotcha’ with Sarah Sanders over Trump’s lunch with NRA. Here’s how that ended …

Francesca Chambers, a liberal writer with the Daily Mail, accused Trump of being shady…

Teacher suspended after telling students he’d protect them in a school shooting. What did he say wrong?

Frustrated parents are planning on going to a Board of Education meeting Tuesday.

Fed Ex refuses to cave to bully teen activist calling for boycott … and look what happened to its stock

And while the decision separates Fed Ex from weak-kneed companies like Delta, United and Enterprise, which cut ties to the pro-Second Amendment group …

Smear campaign against NRA backfires bigly as conservatives rally for freedom

“I’m a Conservative that doesn’t even own a gun, yet this morning I joined the @NRA.”

Deputy who stood by as kids were killed makes his case; says allegations he’s a coward are ‘patently untrue’

“He trained his whole life. When it came time to get in there and do something, he didn’t have the courage …”

Did CNN really go this far to skew Trump’s approval rating numbers? See for yourself …

CNN and SSRS did not respond to requests for comment as to how they guarded against interviewer biases.

Delta Airlines’ decision to cut ties with NRA may cost them $40 million tax break

“I have supported this tax break for Delta in the past but not this time. If Delta can afford to write off the travel business of all those folks, they clearly don’t need a special tax break from Georgians.”

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