After widespread debunking of Parkland shooter being ‘white nationalist,’ the Associated Press comes clean

The establishment media loves their narratives, and they don’t give up on them easily.

So when Jordan Jereb, self-proclaimed leader of the white nationalist paramilitary group Republic of Florida Militia, claimed that Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz had trained with them, the media was quick to jump on that “fact” as yet another way to politicize the tragedy.

“Nikolas Cruz was a member of a white nationalist group,” read the Daily Mail headline.

None of it was true, of course, as local law enforcement quickly confirmed on the very same day that the “news” first surfaced.

Did the AP issue a retraction then? Negatory… Instead, the news outlet waited until Friday night to tweet the story, the equivalent of a correction on page B6 of next week’s newspaper.

Wow, an attention-seeking white nationalist militia leader lying to the media. Who knew?

“It may seem odd that Jereb would bring attention to his group by claiming a connection to Cruz, but Jereb has always been somewhat of a publicity seeker. In 2014, in fact, he wrote us to complain that we had not already listed (Republic of Florida) as a hate group,” wrote the SPLC’s Heidi Beirich in a Thursday statement that was quoted in the AP story.

Predictably, Twitter wasn’t kind to the AP about their delayed retraction:

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