Rand Paul’s measured domestic abuse comments trigger liberals into a frenzy

That got out of hand REALLY quick.

Florida waitress fired, still taking heat for publicly slamming megachurch that didn’t leave a tip

“I got upset.”

New Orleans activist makes the jump from Confederate monuments to Washington DC

Typically, most sane liberals are a bit more nuanced when it comes to debating the removal of historic monuments, the renaming of parks and streets, and other […]

Tucker asks immigration advocate how bringing in immigrants who collect welfare is good for America

The ability to control its borders and determine who gets in are the essential rights of any country, and it’s hard to imagine a nation that’s unable […]

Pastor: Melania Trump literally asked for the White House to be ‘completely exorcised’ after the Obamas left

During a conversation about the president’s White House prayer gatherings, Bible studies, and general support for Christianity, evangelical Pastor Paul Begley described how first lady Melania Trump, […]

Jesse Jackson joins speedskater Shani Davis in stunning leap of logic, calls coin flip ‘unfair’

Race hustler Jesse Jackson is backing up U.S. speedskater Shani Davis in his bid to portray Team USA as somehow “unfair” for determining who would be the […]

Utah lawmaker spearheading anti-prostitution legislation is believed to have used taxpayer money for… you guessed it, hookers

Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up. In a classic case of pot meets kettle, a Utah lawmaker who supported stronger anti-prostitution penalties reportedly has resigned […]

DREAMers threaten to leave the US if Trump doesn’t pass DACA legislation

If President Trump and Congress aren’t able to work out some sort of agreement on their immigration status, at least two Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients […]

After Rob Porter debacle, another top White House staffer resigns amid domestic abuse allegations

It’s been a rough week for White House staffers. Just two days after domestic abuse allegations ignited the departure of former staff secretary Rob Porter, a White […]

The media’s in full spin mode about Trump declining Dem’s FISA memo, but read the White House’s simple explanation

President Trump was eager to release the Devin Nunes authored memo last week in the name of “transparency” and the public interest, but when the shoe is […]

Emotional Nancy Pelosi tells story how her grandson wished for ‘brown skin and eyes’ for his birthday

“I’m reminded of my own grandson, he is Irish, English, whatever, whatever…”

Antonio Sabato Jr, gets the best of Joy Behar debating immigration, and she can’t stand it

“But, but, Antonio!”