Driver for White House, Mar-a-Lago press pool found with a gun; Secret Service all over it

“White House staff said all drivers were replaced after the incident.”

Forget polite … Trump’s diplomatic style trounces Obama’s incompetent meekness

That’s the difference between Trump diplomacy and Obama diplomacy.

Kamala Harris’ ‘Black Panther’ tweet brings Senator’s ‘black power’ push to light – does she have white constituents?

What happened to judging others by the content of their character? Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) took to Twitter Sunday night to share a fun and harmless photo […]

REPORT: Obama’s EPA chief also guilty of taking first-class flights overseas

Government policy allows officials access for first class travel on 14-hour international flights, so Pruitt and McCarthy’s flights could be justifiable under those policies.

CNN exploits grieving high school students who label the NRA as ‘child murderers’

Setting aside all pretense of impartiality in pursuit of a gun control agenda, CNN is exploiting grieving high school students traumatized over last week’s shooting that claimed […]

ABC about to pay big price for ‘The View’ Christian-bashing; sorry guys, non-apology apology didn’t cut it

Will “anti-Christian remarks” be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back, prompting ABC to finally reel in the unhinged liberal ladies on “The View?” The network […]

Just sick: MSNBC uses suffering of shooting victims to bash Trump

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough spoke for the victims of the Florida school shooting and said Monday they are “deeply offended” by President Donald Trump’s attempt to dodge the Russia investigation.

Rick Scott points out massive failure at FBI and Joe Scarborough calls on him to resign for it


Tables turn on ‘Me Too’ activist lawmaker accused of lurid drunk behavior, urging staffers to play ‘spin the bottle’

Kernick said Garcia sat on a hotel room floor with about six people after heavy drinking when she urged her staff to participate in the game.

Editor uses some twisted voodoo to slam Florida governor Rick Scott for criticizing the FBI

Editor-in-Chief John Avlon used some strange logic to criticize Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott …

FACT CHECK: Would Reagan and Scalia have supported an assault weapons ban?

The ban passed in 1994, but was not renewed when it expired in 2004.

Trump takes immediate action concerning new gun legislation; crickets from the press

In a Sunday night statement …