Forget polite … Trump’s diplomatic style trounces Obama’s incompetent meekness

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Now it’s all coming out about Barack Obama having knowledge since 2014 about Russian interference in our elections, and doing almost nothing about it. Even ranking House Democrat Adam Schiff now admits it. But this is nothing new. When President Obama specialized in knowing about threats and doing nothing. He was scared to death of being accused of “meddling”, even when American security was at stake, such as poo-pooing the danger from Muslim immigrants, empowering Iran, and exchanging five violent Taliban savages for Bowe Bergdahl.

Looking back, there is a night-and-day difference between Donald Trump’s diplomatic style and Obama. Trump deals with adversary diplomats by counter-punching. He will only put up with so much, then he comes out swinging. Trump knows that talking “nice” and being hesitant doesn’t help. Obama never learned those lessons, and neither did his Secretary of State John Kerry. Even Middle East Muslims, fearful over Obama’s failures in the war against the Islamic State and a cash-rich emboldened Iran, publicly stated “No one will weep” over Obama’s departure. That’s partially because Obama’s “Mr. Retreat” policies in the Middle East centered on retreat and withdrawal. Obama’s inaction in Syria, as America’s “ditherer-in-chief”, left America irrelevant in the region, leaving a vacuum for rogues to fill. Obama left Russia and Iran to rule too much of the Middle East.

Trump understands that America, to confront even worse enemies, sometimes must work with nations that violate U.S. values. He also understands that striking enemy targets is much more effective than diplomacy and talking.

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Here’s a recap of Obama’s diplomatic incompetence and American humiliation: failure to read Russia’s annexation/control objectives in the Crimea and Ukraine, and ineffectively countering Putin’s aggression; signing a nuclear deal with Iran that sent $55 billion in cash to Iran and will be ineffective at stopping Iran from getting a nuclear bomb; the failure to stop Russia’s full-bore move into Syria; Obama’s retreat in Afghanistan, leaving the Taliban to seize swaths of Afghan territory; John Kerry’s whining about Putin, and being “stunned” that Putin was acting the same way Russians have always acted: by using fear and force and action-not-talking; Kerry’s public laughingstock statement, after handing the Middle East over to Putin,  that “Israel (one of our most important allies) is becoming an apartheid state”; Kerry, holding no cards, calling two Geneva negotiations to remove his “dear friend” Bashar al-Assad, “the butcher of Damascus” from Syrian power, both of which “collapsed in acrimony and confusion” according to Charles Krauthammer; Obama entering the White House and saying the U.N. (not the U.S.) would be the vanguard and enforcer of a “new 21st-century order, with ‘international law’ (defining) its rules”; failure to counter the plans of the hard Kremlin men to place military naval bases in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua to refuel its bombers; Obama’s failure to resolve the 2014 Israel-Palestine conflict, and his and Kerry’s penchant for buddying up to brutal dictators.

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The short version of Obama’s amateurish administration and superficial charm is that it punished America’s allies, accommodated America’s adversaries, and exacerbated tensions. I can visualize Obama and Kerry stuffing daisies in the barrels of enemy guns, concluding such actions will cause big shifts to peace and friendship. The lesson to be learned is that diplomacy cannot be based on wishful thinking. Imagine how different events would have evolved in the Middle East if, after Syria’s president crossed Omaha’s infamous “red line” and later killed 1,500 Syrians with sarin gas, Obama would have bombed the hell out of the Syrian military.

Americans wanted a leader when they elected Obama. What they got was the leader of the Democratic Party, not of all Americans. What they got was a president who had never faced real life uncertainties, except perhaps some unusual family aspects in his childhood, but never real adversity or fierce resistance. When he got hit hard, Obama did not know how to get up from the canvas.

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Trump came to fight, not as a polite gentleman but as a leader to restore greatness for all of America. That’s the difference between Trump diplomacy and Obama diplomacy.

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John R. Smith


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