Justice Ginsburg weighs in on college rape tribunals

“There’s been criticism of some college codes of conduct for not giving the accused person a fair opportunity to be heard …”

FACT CHECK: Have there been over 1,600 mass shootings since Sandy Hook?

GVA, Everytown and the NYT did not respond to requests for comment.

This school’s not likely to be next target … good guys are all packing heat and it works

The reaction on social media suggests that many Americans would support the idea of arming teachers.

Maxine Waters’ meme has Americans doing a double take. Turns out all voters aren’t so easily duped.

” The Nation of Islam supports this poster.”

Couple who took in Fla shooter tell their story: ‘We had this monster living under our roof and we didn’t know’

“He said he was sorry. He apologized. He looked lost, absolutely lost,” James recalled.

Trump wasn’t about to take ‘insecure’ Oprah Winfrey’s ‘biased’ attack on him quietly – Yep, he unloaded

Will she be “exposed and defeated just like the others?”

Joy Reid pulls out giant fake race card to pick a fight with Laura Ingraham

The message, of course, is don’t criticize a liberal black person, or you’re a “white nationalist!”

Trump and ‘Liddle’ Adam Schiff’ go at it on Twitter. Spat gets so ugly, Schiff earns a second nickname.


Fergie inexplicably butchers the National Anthem, leaving jaws on floor; the internet explodes

Players and fans bursting out in laughter.

US Secret Service tackled Chinese guard to the ground over the ‘nuclear football’ in scuffle you didn’t see in news

A brief scuffle aside, Trump’s trip to China was generally pleasant.