Hollywood director Joss Whedon calls ICE agents ‘Trump’s SS,’ ‘shame of our nation’

When logic and common sense fail, liberals love to play the trusty “Nazi” card.

In a Thursday afternoon tweet, Hollywood director Joss Whedon called Immigration and Customs Enforcement  agents “Trump’s SS.”

You know, the agents who, despite limited resources and the politicization of everything they do, risk their lives every day to protect our borders and keep drugs and gang-bangers from pouring into the United States unabated.

“ICE is trump’s SS,” Whedon tweeted. “They are the shame of our nation (I know, there’s lots, I picked one). How do we stop them? How do we protect our people?”

This is low, even for Whedon, the man who once made fun of teenage survivors of childhood cancer and tweeted that he wanted a “rhino to f*ck @SpeakerRyan to death with its horn because it’s FUNNY.”

But the SS? Really? Comparing agents who guard our border to the murderers of millions?

Stay classy, Whedon.

The uber-liberal “Avengers” director got a ton of much deserved backlash from Twitter users for his inane statement.






Sadly, Whedon did do some good work back in the day… maybe he should “shut up and direct.”


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