CNN actually hired a conservative contributor, but told her to ‘give Hillary her moment’ at Dem. convention

CNN in the bag for Hillary Clinton in 2016? Say it ain’t so!

During an interview for this month’s edition of “The Limbaugh Letter,” former CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany said she was told to ease up on criticizing the network’s seemingly preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, during 2016’s Democratic National Convention.

Kayleigh McEnany (via screengrab)

“Did they [CNN] treat you with respect off-camera?” conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh asked.

“Off-camera, yes,” said McEnany, who is also a Republican National Committee spokeswoman. “But look, I was told before the Democratic National Convention: ‘Make sure to give Hillary her moment.'”

“What does that mean, ‘give Hillary her moment’?” Limbaugh asked.

“Give her ‘her moment’ as the first female nominee of the Democratic Party, soon-to-be-first female President, in the eyes of many at CNN. I had to be silent at that,” McEnany responded. “Was anyone told, ‘Give Donald Trump his moment’ at the Republican Convention? Who knows, but I didn’t see it.”

McEnany complained that Clinton was “shrouded with respect, and the opposition party, Donald Trump, was not.”

Of course, it’s no secret that CNN was totally in the bag for Hillary. In August 2016, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s 2014 comments about his network “promoting her campaign” made major headlines.

“It’s a problem because she’s doing what they call in politics ‘freezing pockets,’ because the donors are giving her money thinking she’s going to run, that means they’re not going to have available money for other candidates if she doesn’t.” Cuomo said at the time. “And I don’t think she’s going to give it to them. We couldn’t help her any more than we have. She’s got just a free ride so far from the media, we’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign, so it had better happen.”

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