Julia Stiles comes under attack for way she carries baby, accuses critics of mom shaming

Actress Julia Stiles has fired back at critics of the way she carried her newborn baby in a photo she shared on Instagram. Stiles released the photo […]

Another Democratic Rep. accused of sexual harassment, now being asked to resign

Yet another Democrat has been accused of sexual harassment, but this time his party didn’t hesitate to call for the resignation of first term Nevada Rep. Ruben […]

NYT reporter claims that Trump talks to Roger Ailes, who is obviously, umm, dead

You can add psychic medium to the charges that mainstream media opponents of President Donald Trump have levied against him. Yamiche Alcindor, a reporter for the New […]

Hillary takes personal shot at Matt Lauer after sexual harassment allegations: ‘Every day I believe more in karma’

Hillary Clinton is reveling in the fall of Matt Lauer, one of a handful of reporters who actually stood up to her during the 2016 presidential election. […]

Powerful Dem Senator covers tracks to hide private flights from public record

After enduring intense scrutiny in her last reelection campaign over her use of a private plane, Dem. Sen. Claire McCaskill has worked to hide her family’s flight […]

‘Morning Joe’ hosts say heck yes, Rep. Conyers is an icon; if you’re offended, you must be a ‘Bible thumper’

Scarborough then used the occasion to take a shot at Christians as he defended Pelosi.

Miss Universe judge reprimanded for following only Hispanic contestants

The Miss Universe pageant ordered one of its judges to stop following three contestants on social media because she appeared to be only following Hispanics.

A father’s final birthday bouquet from the grave has everyone on the internet bawling their eyes out!

“I’ve read it three times today and every time I cry.”

John F. Kennedy VS Donald J. Trump: Two presidents face off in unexpected art battle

It is a battle between two of America’s most iconic presidents, waged in the most unlikely of places.

Gitmo prisoners’ art exhibit betrays our country and 9-11 families; Trump’s DOD says NO WAY!

“Someone’s job should be on the line for this. Using taxpayer money to hang the artwork of criminals in our college for criminal justice makes my blood boil.”

FBI says one Black Friday item broke all time record slapping liberals with embarrassing reality check

Sorry, grabbers.

trump looks for james comey replacement
Comey runs to defend CNN after Trump slam but someone should really teach him how to troll