The reality Kate Steinle’s killer will go free sinks in and Americans are unloading over the injustice

On Thursday night, not only was Kate Steinle’s killer Jose Ines Garcia Zarate acquitted of homicide charges in a San Francisco court, he was also cleared of involuntary […]

Kate Steinle’s killer, illegal alien deported 5 times, acquitted of homicide – that’s not the worst part

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, a a 45-year-old illegal immigrant who was deported five times, was acquitted of homicide for the death of Kate Steinle in a San […]

NFL unveils player cleats for “causes,” but one player’s Kaepernick cleats expose the league’s fraud

The National Football League would have the American public believe that it has always been for player individuality and self-expression – except that it really isn’t. When cop-bashing, […]

President Trump is donating his entire third quarter salary and it couldn’t go to a better cause

President Donald Trump will continue donating his salary as commander-in-chief. Eric Hargan, the acting Health and Human Services secretary, announced on Thursday where the president’s third quarter […]

Newsweek ridiculed for accusing Ivanka Trump of plagiarizing … herself?

LOL… the target of Ivanka Trump’s plagiarism was herself.

London mayor urges UK Prime Minister to uninvite President Trump. Here’s how that went over …

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has got to be feeling unappreciated right now. President Trump’s retweet of three videos allegedly depicting Muslims committing crimes led Khan to pen […]

LaVar Ball reveals the Christmas gift he just sent President Trump

Any guesses on Trump’s response?

Franken faces yet another allegation of sexual misconduct, this time from an Army vet

She recalled thinking it was an accident.

Megyn Kelly invites Matt Lauer to appear on ‘Today’ show. Huh?

So, really?

‘Tick tock, Jake. XXOO’: Tapper threatened by Kathy Griffin after Lauer news – and he shoots back

“Hi kids. AnyWhoooooo it’s actually way bigger than Matt Lauer. “

Newsweek claims race is the reason April Ryan was not invited to White House Christmas party

“God forbid you are someone of a different race,” she said. 

MSNBC host seeks Trump’s removal from presidency using 25th amendment

…referring to the 4th article of the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution, which reads …

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