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President Trump is donating his entire third quarter salary and it couldn’t go to a better cause

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President Donald Trump will continue donating his salary as commander-in-chief.

Eric Hargan, the acting Health and Human Services secretary, announced on Thursday where the president’s third quarter salary will go.

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“At HHS, our goal is to create healthier lives, stronger communities and a safer country, and we’re glad to have a president who recognizes that the opioid crisis is a huge threat to all three of these goals,” Hargan said.

In October, Trump addressed the growing opioid epidemic, which has become a major health crisis in America.

“No part of our society — not young or old, rich or poor, urban or rural — has been spared this plague of drug addiction and this horrible, horrible situation that’s taken place with opioids,” he said. “This epidemic is a national health emergency.”

The president’s first quarter salary of $78,333 went to the preservation of the Civil War battlefield at Antietam in Maryland. The $100,000 he made in the second quarter of 2017 went to the Department of Education.

Donald Trump is just the third president to forego his presidential salary, joining John F. Kennedy and Herbert Hoover in the small circle of commander-in-chiefs who have done so.

Kyle Becker


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