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Newsweek ridiculed for accusing Ivanka Trump of plagiarizing … herself?

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In an article published Wednesday, Newsweek magazine writer Chris Riotta claimed Ivanka Trump committed plagiarism in her recent speech in India.

Who was the victim of the plagiarism? And will they be filing a lawsuit against the President’s daughter?

It’s unlikely any legal action will be taken. That’s because, according to Newsweek, the target of Ivanka Trump’s plagiarism was herself.

The story focused on Trump’s appearance at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India this week.

Riotta wrote that while attendees at the summit might have expected “a robust keynote address,” they instead discovered that the “breadth of her talking points were recycled from a previous speech she gave during a foreign trip earlier this month.”

Readers were quick to point out that recycling one’s own speeches does not constitute plagiarism.

Among them was New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman.

“That… isn’t what plagiarism is,” she tweeted.

Journalist Jack Posobiec also brought the poor word choice to Newsweek’s attention.

After the article received widespread attention, Newsweek updated the title, replacing “plagiarized” with “recycles.”

But the correction came too late. The damage is done and conservatives are relishing in the chance to torment Newsweek over their glaring mistake.


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