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‘Morning Joe’ hosts say heck yes, Rep. Conyers is an icon; if you’re offended, you must be a ‘Bible thumper’

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To MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” crew, the horrors of sexual assault vary greatly depending on the political beliefs of the attacker.

MSNBC’s resident pretend Republican, Joe Scarborough, and his fiance, progressive Mika Brzezinski, defended accused serial groper Democrat Rep. John Conyers and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for calling him an “icon.”

Scarborough and Brzezinski still believe Conyers is an “icon” despite claims that he has been accused of groping many women and paid $27,000 to a former employee whom he allegedly fired after she would not engage in sexual activity with him.

“He is still an icon,” Brzezinski said on Tuesday.

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“Tell me, what do you call this person before this happened, a guy who was a Korean war veteran, a guy who when he got into congress there were four black members in Congress, a guy who single-handedly started the congressional black caucus. A guy who is responsible for Rosa Parks laying in state in the United States capitol, I believe the first black woman to be afforded that honor,” Scarborough said on Tuesday. “I would call that an icon.”

Scarborough then used the occasion to take a shot at Christians as he defended Pelosi.

“I would call that an icon, I would call that an icon and if you’re offended by that, if you’re offended by Nancy Pelosi calling a man like that an icon, well let me just say that you remind me an awful lot of the Bible thumpers I grew up with,” he said.

“Yes, he needs to be taken out of Congress,” Scarborough said. “And yes, he’s obviously a danger to others and a danger to himself. He needs to be removed from Congress because he’s not capable of being in Congress.”

Scarborough’s belief seems to be that Conyers, at 88 years old, is not mentally capable of being a congressman anymore as he insinuated that the Michigan Democrat suffers from some form of dementia.

“When you’re talking about men in their late 80s, early 90s, you’re talking about people who are suffering from health problems,” Brzezinski said, fighting tears as she recalled talking to her own father, who recently died, about retiring.

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“It’s time to go home, you know, and be at home for a while,” she said. “And the behavior of someone in that age range is just — it’s hard to explain sometimes. And it’s very, very difficult to deal with. And it’s sort of sick to inject it into this conversation that we’re having. I think it minimizes it. And thank you, Nancy Pelosi, for speaking the truth.”

And “the truth” is, as long as you are a Democrat like Conyers and Sen. Al Franken, who has also recently been accused of sexual misconduct, then anything you do can be forgiven and you can be an “icon.”

But if you are a “Bible thumper” like Republican Alabama senate nominee Roy Moore, then you have to step aside when someone accuses you of sexual assault or harassment.

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