WaPo beclowns itself by running story on Hillary Clinton as a ‘romance novel heroine’

The Washington Post must have decided that it simply has no interest in being taken seriously anymore.

That is the only way to explain its recent exploits, that included comparing former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to a “romance novel heroine.”

“Perspective: Hillary, you are a romance novel heroine,” a headline for a Post oped said on Saturday, days after an author for the Post shared fake news photo that claimed President Donald Trump had many empty seats during a Florida rally last week.

Lisa Kleypas, a romance novel author and admitted fan of Clinton, said she was disappointed to hear Clinton “mischaracterize” and criticize romance novels, saying “that men and women gather abusive attitudes from reading romance novels,” in a recent interview with the Post.

Kleypas explained in the op-ed that her romance novels, which are mainly set in the Victorian era “when women were restricted in what they could wear, what they could learn, what they could earn. As idealized beings who belonged in the house, women were supposed to go from maidenhood to motherhood. They were required to be demure, virtuous and sexless, placed on a pedestal so high that their voices could never be heard.”

But “that definition of the ideal woman was a trap — a woman is trapped any time she lets someone else define her. And no one understands this better than you. I think that’s why you have such an extraordinary record of fighting for women’s causes.”

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Image: AP / Seth Wenig

Clinton, she believes, broke out of that mold by becoming her own woman – by any unscrupulous means necessary,  but that is another story.

“During your legendary Wellesley College commencement speech in 1969, you looked into an unknown future and said, ‘Fear is always with us but we just don’t have time for it. Not now.’ You headed forward fearlessly and achieved so many of your dreams, including love, marriage and family,” Kleypas wrote.

“This is why I consider you an honorary romance heroine — no pedestal required, just a pantsuit,” she said.

The op-ed was brutally mocked on social media.

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