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Louisiana man gets murderous revenge on girlfriend’s molester and does ‘not regret’ it after court sentence

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A Louisiana man who was found guilty of murdering the man who molested his girlfriend when she was a child is not sorry.

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Jace Crehan was found guilty of second-degree murder on Thursday after he confessed to stabbing and strangling to death Robert Noce Jr., who pleaded no contest to charges that he molested Crehan’s girlfriend, Brittany Monk, between the ages of four and 12 when he dated her mother and she was in his care, The Advocate reported.

Monk was seven months pregnant when she, and Crehan, murdered Noce.

Speaking to The Advocate after his arrest, Crehan described himself as Monk’s “guardian, her protector, her hope.”

“I feel a lot better,” he said. “It’s not regret. Is it remorse? I’m not sorry for what I did.”

But prosecutor’s did not see him as a hero for his girlfriend.

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“You don’t want people going out and taking justice into their own hands,” District Attorney Hillar Moore III said.

Monk told the jury that she did a Google search to confirm that Noce lived at the same address she remembered. Then she and Crehan drove to a Walmart where they purchased batteries for their walkie talkies and blue latex gloves.

She said they dressed in all black and she put her hair up to not leave any evidence at the scene.

The pair said they intended to hurt, but not kill, Noce. But in the act, got aggressive and murdered him. They were caught because Monk left her gloves in the barrel they used to dispose of Noce’s body.

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“They had a specific purpose. They had no legal reason to be at this trailer,” prosecutor Eli Abad said of Crehan and Monk. “They were there to find Robby Noce. They were there to inflict pain of the worst kind.”

“We do not live in a country where we as a society are allowed to take the law into our own hands to do justice,” prosecutor Darwin Miller told the jury. “That’s what happened here. This is not a Shakespearean tragedy. This is not a Hollywood movie. This is the killing of a human being, whether you like him or not.”

Crehan’s attorney, Franz Borghardt, argued that his client committed a crime of passion and not cold-blooded murder.

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“Revenge is an act of passion, and this is very much an act of passion,” he said in his closing argument. “We don’t believe this is second-degree murder. We believe it’s something else.”

The jury disagreed.

Crehan faces a mandatory life sentence for the killing of Noce.

Monk, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter, faces 40 years.

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