People celebrate ‘weak white b**ch’ Rousey getting knocked out because . . . privilege . . . and Trump

Following Ronda Rousey’s brutal 48-second defeat to relative unknown Amanda Nunes via knockout social media rushed to politicize it.

Some lamented Rousey’s “white privilege” as the much more established star earned $3 million to the winner, Nunes, who made $200,000.

Others were simply happy a white girl got knocked out.

Some even compared Rosey’s stunning defeat to that of Hillary Clinton.

Still others believed Rousey lost because of the karma she had for not supporting Trump in the election.

But Fox Sports 1 analyst Jason Whitlock, known to have right wing leanings, had the the most sarcastic tweet of the night.

Many didn’t get his humor.

Yes, he was. And he had to explain it later.

But the most brutal tweets had nothing to do with politics.

One came from pop star Justin Bieber who didn’t mince words.

The other came from Nunes herself, who must not have heard that most people don’t like sore winners.

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Carmine Sabia


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