Former Somali Muslim refugee defeats longtime Minnesota state representative

A Somali Muslim activist and former refugee defeated a longtime Democrat in a Minnesota House of Representatives race . . .

Clinton Foundation donors page is now blocked: ‘This is a weird thing’

A Clinton Foundation donor webpage on the organization’s website is no longer available for the public’s eye. Daily Caller reporter Chuck Ross tweeted out the link and […]

Trump announced his big move on the campaign trail in order to win election: ‘It’s set up, we have to do it’

GOP nominee Donald Trump may soon make a turn-around in the general election against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee, a former governor of Arkansas, […]

Trump may have gotten Glenn Beck to finally cave — wait until you see what was sent to supporters

This is awkward.

Hillary Clinton Foundation
Hillary’s newly released tax forms show almost all ‘charitable donations’ went to the Clinton Foundation

Well, well, well.

Trump has media running circles with series of open taunts: I love watching them try to figure me out

“These poor, pathetic people.”

Guest on pro-Trump podcast looked into why show wasn’t promoted — what she discovered is chilling

A guest on a pro-Donald Trump podcast was shocked to find out what’s been happening this election cycle across social media sites and tech companies. When Liz […]

Hillary gives economic speech sounding JUST LIKE Trump – and everyone’s noticing!

“Had no idea Hillary was now a Trump surrogate.”

Hillary’s campaign rallies are so boring, her staff had to go the extra mile just to energize crowd


CNN host goes bonkers over Trump’s ‘coded’ ISIS message — this guy is triggered!

“That’s what that is.”

School district’s new ‘anti-bullying’ policy says faculty can’t call students ‘girls and boys,’ but that’s not all

Eliminating boy and girl references is one of several policies…

Looks like Donald Trump has Hillary between a rock and a hard place over who ‘founded’ ISIS

Nothing but “verbal poo-poo.”

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