Google practically promotes Hillary as the next president when you type this into the search engine

Clinton, meanwhile, takes up the entire “about” section that pops up when the search terms are entered.

Want to see how much fun Trump had after Hillary said she ‘short circuited’? Here you go . . .

Clinton: ‘I may have short-circuited’ characterization of FBI Dir. James Comey’s testimony on emails

Hillary blathers on the spot; asked to pick one meaningful convo with an African-American

Still waiting…

Hyper-focused media covers phony Trump controversies 2X more than Obama’s Iran cash drop

The mainstream media is working tirelessly to keep GOP nominee Donald Trump front-page news and to block out anything that sheds a bad light on President Obama. […]

Watch Hillary’s media minions laugh out loud at mere mention of Donald Trump

And we’re supposed to trust them on honest reporting?

Hillary goes full conspiracy theorist, releases ad claiming Trump & Putin are in cahoots

Paranoid much?

‘Trump never kicked me out!’ Mom of crying baby sets record straight after media runs with false story

“I was the mother in his rally on Tuesday…”

‘Stupidiest f***ing thing ever!’ Comedian mocks Hillary’s celebrity endorsements during Dem convention

“. . . but there’s no way I’m voting for someone with 15 felonies either,” Burr said.

Sarah Palin’s son-in-law wants Trump to apologize to Khans, but Ben Carson has a better idea . . .

“If you accuse someone of something that’s not true . . .

Armed man showed up to Trump Tower Tuesday night, but didn’t realize what he was getting himself into. . .

Since winning the GOP presidential primary, Trump has boosted security at his luxury skyscraper.

Rush Limbaugh makes big prediction about what WikiLeaks may be about to drop on Benghazi

Check out his prediction:

Trump’s infrastructure plan isn’t your typical Republican proposal, but it’s getting a ton of attention

GOP nominee Donald Trump‘s plan for public infrastructure is far from a usual Republican proposal, which is why it has so many people talking. A staple in […]