nyc muslims screen shot
Imam shot dead in NYC in broad daylight and guess who’s being blamed? Mob cries, ‘We want justice!’

“We blame Donald Trump for this . . . Trump and his drama has created Islamophobia.”

After Nancy Pelosi’s cell phone number leaked, she’s been flooded with ‘obscene phone calls’

“Upon landing, I have received scores of mostly obscene and sick calls”…

Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian of all-time, wins his 23rd gold medal for Team USA


Hillary’s ‘voicemail’ was just uncovered by Rush Limbaugh–and it couldn’t be more funny

“Welcome to pay-for-play.”

Liberals lose their mind over Trump’s ‘election observers.’ Let’s see what’s on Obama’s website

“This looks like a sign-up sheet for an Election Day goon squad”…

Hannity released a damning video on Hillary’s health, now reporter who was there weighs in

“The reporter got scared.”

If you have any doubts about Hillary’s health, her own damning message about not ‘getting up’ should put them to rest

Hillary’s own words after the Democratic convention…

Feminists celebrate! Fewer American women are having babies than ever before

‘Cause what’s worse than having a baby, amirite feminists?

Former Somali Muslim refugee defeats longtime Minnesota state representative

A Somali Muslim activist and former refugee defeated a longtime Democrat in a Minnesota House of Representatives race . . .

Planned Parenthood champion Nancy Pelosi on Zika: ‘You know how I am about babies’

Ironically, in 2014 Pelosi was the proud recipient of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s annual Margaret Sanger Award.

Dem. Congressman suggests cutting military funds to use for Zika research

House Democratic leaders turned the blame on Republicans for the lack of Zika funding.

Clinton Foundation donors page is now blocked: ‘This is a weird thing’

A Clinton Foundation donor webpage on the organization’s website is no longer available for the public’s eye. Daily Caller reporter Chuck Ross tweeted out the link and […]

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