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Dem. Congressman suggests cutting military funds to use for Zika research

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While House Democrats criticized Republicans for their apparent failure in funding research to combat the Zika virus threat, one congressman suggested where to find the money.

Rep. Andre Carson of Indiana thought cutting back on the military would be a smart way to fund the research needed to combat the virus, which is spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes.

“I think that there’s an effective argument that has been pushed forward about reining-in our deficit and cutting back on excessive spending. And a lot of that can be done through cutting back on investments made to our military infrastructure and our war efforts,” Carson told CNSNews.com.

Carson made the comment following a press conference on Capitol Hill Thursday in which House Democrats expressed their frustration with Republicans.

But GOP leaders had proposed a bill in June to allocate $1.1 billion for Zika research. It was Democrats in the Senate who blocked the bill, however, because it restricted funding to Planned Parenthood in Puerto Rico and it relaxed restrictions on pesticide spraying as well as putting forth some spending cuts.

House Democratic leaders turned the blame on Republicans for the lack of Zika funding.

No surprise there, as Democrats balk at the thought of cutting funding for abortion providers but don’t even blink at cutting back on the military which keeps Americans safe.

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