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After Nancy Pelosi’s cell phone number leaked, she’s been flooded with ‘obscene phone calls’

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While House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has no trouble passing a bill to “know what’s in it,” she’s not as keen these days about opening messages left on her phone to know what they contain.

After her cell phone number was among those leaked by a hacker who calls himself “Guccifer 2.0,” the San Francisco Democrat sent a letter to colleagues informing them that she has been inundated with “obscene and sick calls,” according to the Washington Times.

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She also warned her fellow Democrats not to allow family and children to access their messages.

“On a personal note, I was in the air flying from Florida to California when the news broke,” Pelosi wrote in the letter. “Upon landing, I have received scores of mostly obscene and sick calls, voicemails and text messages.”

Guccifer 2.0, who claims responsibility for the cyber attack on the Democratic National Committee that led to the ouster of chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, posted an Excel spreadsheet on his website this week that included cell phone numbers and personal email addresses of almost every Democratic lawmaker on Capitol Hill.

He said the information was obtained while hacking into the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Pelosi, who pointed to Russia as the likely source of the cyber attacks, told House Democrats that she’s changing her phone number and urged them to do the same thing, the Times reported.

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