Hannity released a damning video on Hillary’s health, now reporter who was there weighs in

Fox News host Sean Hannity has been on a mission lately to prove that Hillary Clinton is suffering from some serious health issues.

He raised the issue on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” and brought in what he called the “Fox News Medical A-Team” for assistance on his Thursday night program.

At about 40 seconds into the segment, Hannity ran a short clip of Clinton bobbing her head and startling a reporter.

At about the 2:10 mark, Hannity described Clinton’s actions as “a violent repetitive jerking of the head. here. Watch the reporter, like, pull back as she — the reporter got scared. And she keeps doing it. What is that?”

CBS News’ Hannah Chanpong recorded it from a different angle, and posted what the former secretary of state said.

“Try the cold Chai”” What does that even mean?

That startled newswoman turned out to be Associated Press national politics reporter Lisa Lerer, who later tweeted:

Lerer followed up with an article, stating categorically that she wasn’t at all scared not even “for a moment,” and “Fox News never contacted me to ask that question.”

Hannity also raised the possibility on his radio program last week that Clinton may have recently suffered from a stroke.

“You know the one thing that one doctor friend of mine was really convinced she had a stroke,” he told his listeners. “And that some of her reactions are indicative that that’s coming from the part of the brain where some damage happened.”

He concluded that “I don’t think it’s unfair at all to ask for her medical records.”

Although Clinton hasn’t released her full medical records, last month she published a two-page summary from her long-time physician concluding that she’s “in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as President of the United States.”

Nonetheless people can’t help but wonder.

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