4-year-old boy is thrown off a three-story bridge…while his mother cheers

And it was all captured on a disturbing video…

College launches new school year by handing out gender pronoun pins

“When you create a culture that says, ‘Hey, we ask people’s pronouns, we don’t assume them,’

Whoa, even the New York Times thinks the Clintons should cut ties with their foundation

The Times noted that the newly discovered emails paint a very troubling picture . . .

That $15-per-hour minimum wage thing? Here’s how it’s destroying restaurant jobs in our nation’s capital

Statistics don’t lie.

IRS refuses to inform taxpayers when illegals steal their identity; new IG report will infuriate you

Even though the Internal Revenue Service had discovered that over one million American citizens and taxpayers had their Social Security Numbers stolen by illegal immigrants, the agency […]

House Dems are pretty sure Trump had something to do with Russian hacks, now they want FBI involved

“These flailing attacks are a desperate attempt by Hillary Clinton and her Washington allies”…

Is CNN ‘the most trusted name in news’? Not according to this poll…by a long shot

Only a few days ago it was reported that CNN altered the facts . . .

Ann Coulter talks about that time she invited a black Uber driver to a Breitbart party

Here is what she told Hannity:

Obama ‘concerned’ about ongoing Chicago bloodbath, but has no ‘specific prescription to put forward’

“Chicago, unfortunately, is one of those communities…”

Watch Fox News host Harris Faulkner destroy Colin Kaepernick best in less than 30 seconds…

TOUCHDOWN!! Take care of things in your own house, NFL!

Michele Bachmann: Donald Trump was ‘raised up by God’ to be the GOP nominee

“God lifts up who He will and takes down who he will . . .”

Obamacare architect – of all people – says Hillary is one of the ‘most transparent’ candidates in history

Can’t make it up, folks.

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