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Is CNN ‘the most trusted name in news’? Not according to this poll…by a long shot

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It looks like the Clinton News Network continues to take it on the chin, as more and more Americans find the network to be an untrustworthy news source.

Long-bashed as a network sullied by left-wing bias, CNN for years enjoyed at least second place to Fox News in the cable news wars. Often, CNN even beat Fox. But since Jeff Zucker took the network over in 2013 its decline has been precipitous.

And a new poll out this week shows that the public’s perception of CNN has slipped badly with more than half of Americans saying CNN is not an objective news source, Breitbart News reported.

According to the poll, only 32 percent of respondents said they felt CNN could be trusted to “give you objective news and analysis.”

An incredible 75.8 percent of those who said they leaned to the GOP side of the aisle said they distrust CNN and even 55.3 percent of political independents said CNN was not objective.

While it is expected that those who identify as Republican or conservative distrust the network derided as the “Clinton News Network,” even worse for CNN is the fact that less than 50 percent of Democrats find CNN to be a balanced news source. Only 49.8 percent said CNN was trustworthy.

“Inside different communities, we see deep distrust of CNN,” Gravis Marketing managing partner Doug Kaplan said of the poll.

CNN has slipped to third place behind the admittedly left-wing MSNBC — and MSNBC has traditionally had far fewer viewers than Fox and CNN.

Only a few days ago it was reported that CNN altered the facts by editing words out of Donald Trump’s challenge to Hillary Clinton to protect Hillary from being called “crooked.”


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