Mike Huckabee makes ‘racist’ Cinco de Mayo declaration that furious libs are hoping he’ll keep

It looks like ex-Governor and former Fox News host Mike Huckabee is going full anti-PC for Cinco de Mayo, but did he make a promise that’ll be too hard to keep?

As the Mexican holiday approached, Huckabee took to Twitter to make a rather odd promise to “drink an entire jar of hot salsa.” He also added more quips that many liberals called a “racist” attack on the Hispanic-themed holiday celebrated mostly in the U.S., not Mexico.

Huckabee has been laying on the levity all over Twitter recently and his Cinco de Mayo tweet seems to be just another addition of his new stand up routine.

Naturally, the Left lost their minds over the Guv’s quips. Liberal snowflakes leapt to Twitter to excoriate the Huckabee over his “racist” tweet and hoped he’d drink the salsa — as long as it was spiked.

Huckabee was pounded with hateful tweets from the tolerant Left, but at least one guy thought it was kind of funny.

What do you think, too far?


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